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Basic Disclosure

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Complete our easy to use online application form.

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Make payment for our service.

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Receive your Basic Disclosure in the post within 7-14 days.

Clear Check – Basic Disclosure Online Application Service for Businesses, Individuals and Overseas applicants

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What We Offer

  • Step 1
    Complete the online form and upload your supporting documents. Your application will be checked and you will be contacted if any further information or supporting documents are required.
  • Step 2
    Make Payment. Accepted payment methods include VISA and MASTERCARD. Our Standard Service fee is £65 including the certificate fee or you can choose to use our Fast track service for an additional £10.
  • Step 3
    Receive your Basic Disclosure in the post within 7-14 days. If you have any questions or queries in the meantime, our friendly team will be happy to answer them.

Who are Clear Check?


Clear Check ( are an independent agency who offer a simple process when applying for your Basic Disclosure. We specialise in checking and processing Basic Disclosure applications and provide support and advice specifically for the Basic Disclosure Online Application. We do not currently handle applications for Standard or Enhanced DBS checks although we may be able to advise on who you need to contact if you do require a Standard or Enhanced DBS check.


What benefits does our service offer?

Supporting document validation and file size reduction/cropping

Disclosure Scotland’s website only accepts documents if the uploaded file size is less than 1Mb. This can cause problems for some applicants as image files generated by digital cameras, smart phones and digital scanners tend to exceed 1Mb in most cases. Clear Check will allow you to upload documents with ANY file size and our helpful team will crop the files and reduce the file size so that they can be provided to Disclosure Scotland in the file size they require.


Application checking and support

Our team of friendly advisers will check your application thoroughly and contact you as and when further information is required. The aim of these checks is to ensure that when the application is submitted to Disclosure Scotland for processing, all of the information they require is provided and in the format that they need it.

The main things that we check are:

Proof of ID – Proof of ID must contain name, date of birth and a photograph. We check to ensure a proof of ID has been provided and that the details match those on the application. If a different name shows on the proof of ID then we will contact the applicant to request a proof of name change.

Proof of address – The proof of address document must be a) addressed to the applicant and show the same name provided on the application. B) reflect the same address provided on the application. If either of these requirements are not satisfied then we will contact the applicant to explain the issue and request a different document.

5 Year address history - A full and complete five year address history is required by Disclosure Scotland. We will check that the information provided by the applicant does include a FULL 5 year address history and is in proper chronological order. In our experience, applicants who have been travelling extensively, based in another country temporarily or have been living in and out of student accommodation often require assistance with this requirement. -

Everything else! - That's right we don't stop until we are confident that everything is in order and the application contains everything Disclosure Scotland will need to process your application. Our aim is to reduce the need for Disclosure Scotland to raise further queries as much as possible. Common email address suffixes are checked, addresses are checked for spelling mistakes, town and country of birth is checked against supporting documents, and much more.


Overseas Applicants - Apply online and receive the certificate by Tracked Airmail

Disclosure Scotland will not accept online applications from applicants who are not currently residing in the UK. Whilst overseas applicants may still apply with Disclosure Scotland it must be by way of a paper form which can be requested at

Clear Check will accept and process applications from overseas applicants so you don't need to wait for a paper form to arrive. Our address will be used for delivery of the certificate and we will then send it to the applicant by tracked airmail and offer the option to send a scanned copy to the applicant upon receipt if required.


Multiple applications for Businesses

In order to save businesses time and admin, our application form allows you to submit multiple applications and make only one payment and receive only one invoice for the payment. If applying with Disclosure Scotland, each application would need to be entered, submitted and paid for separately. Click "Add another Application" at the bottom of our application form to add multiple applicants prior to payment.


Clear Check Cloud

The CRB Cloud service is a unique optional service offered to customers of Clear Check. If selected on the application form, the applicant will receive a unique login to a secure online portal where they may upload a digital copy of their Basic Disclosure certificate so that it can be accessed at any time from anywhere. CRB Cloud subscribers also have the option of re-applying for a new Basic Disclosure within 12 months at a reduced cost.


Our Service Options:

Standard Service - £65
The Standard service includes; application checking, supporting document validation, email updates and timely submission to the issuing body – Disclosure Scotland.

Fast Track Service - £75
This is a premium service where you will receive all of the benefits of the Standard application however Fast Track applications will be prioritised and checked, processed and submitted within 24 hours where possible*. Please note that Disclosure Scotland do not offer a fast track service which would result in the expedited provision of a Basic Disclosure certificate. The fast track option offered by Clear Check refers to prioritised processing of your Basic Disclosure application. Your application becomes our priority.

*Subject to Supporting documents and all other required information being received.


What is the process?

2. MAKE PAYMENT (£65 Standard / £75 Fast Track)

Once you have submitted your application for a Basic Disclosure, a member of our processing team will thoroughly check the information provided and contact you if any further information or supporting documents are required.

You will receive an email from us confirming your application reference number which you can use to communicate with Disclosure Scotland should you need to for any reason. A local-rate telephone number for our support team will be included on your confirmation email to use when contacting Clear Check.

You should expect to receive a postal response from Disclosure Scotland within 7 to 14 days. They will also contact you if supporting documents are required to process your application for a Basic Disclosure.

StandardFast Track
Disclosure Scotland Fee £25 £25
Vat @0% on DS Fee £0 £0
Clear Check Processing Fee £33.33 £41.67
Vat @20% on Processing Fee £6.67 £8.33

Total Fee Payable



*Overseas applicants will incur an air mail surcharge of £8 (inc. VAT)

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