If there’s one thing which has changed since the pandemic, it’s the explosion in next-day services. Retailers can deliver almost anything to your door within 24 hours, if you’re prepared to pay for express delivery. So, it can come as a bit of shock when this option isn’t available. If you’re thinking about taking a new job which requires a DBS check, what are the options for getting your check quickly?


Fast-Tracked DBS Checks

Other government departments such as the passport office offer a fast-track service, where you can pay extra for an expedited service. In emergencies, there is also the option of going to the passport office in person and paying even more for a same day service. This isn’t offered as an option at all, and you should be wary of companies which promise a same-day DBS checking service, a next-day service or some other wording which tries to convince you that they have some special expedited service. At this time, fast-tracked DBS checks just aren’t available.


Speeding Up your DBS Check

That doesn’t mean though that you simply have to accept that the checks are going to take forever. You might not have control over how long the DBS takes to process your checks and send out your certificate. But you do have control over making sure that your form arrives at the DBS in its best shape, with no mistakes, and completed in full. Many delays are caused by applicants rushing their form, making typo errors, or failing to understand what information is being asked for. Sometimes, getting it wrong will mean that your application is rejected almost immediately, and you’ll get an email or letter telling you to submit again – and pay another fee too. If the mistake is minor, then your application will be placed on hold while the DBS seek clarification. Depending how long it takes for you to get back to them, the delays could be considerable.


DBS Update

In fact, the only way of getting a DBS check quickly is if you are subscribed to the DBS Update service, but this isn’t initially an instant option either. DBS Update is an opt-in system, which gives subscribers access to live DBS information via an online portal. It does mean that you can get access to your DBS information instantly, but in order to subscribe you need to go through the standard process of getting a DBS certificate first.

Once you’ve had your first DBS check and have enrolled in the system, then you can just log in every time you want to look at your DBS details or send a link to your employer to allow them access. There are a few issues with this, in that the system can only be used for checks at the same level and for the same purpose. If for example you’ve had a standard DBS and joined Update, you can’t then use the system when applying for a job which requires an enhanced check.