Clear Check Cloud service allows applicants and employers to access premium features using our Cloud Portal.



Benefits of using the Cloud
Safe storage – After your Basic Disclosure certificate arrives, you can log in using our portal with the details we’ll email you. Cloud members can scan and upload their certificates online, into a secure and safe place where you can access your details should you need to in the future.

Applying for another Basic Disclosure
Certificates for Basic Disclosure only show unspent convictions on the day they are issued. If you decide you wish to renew your Basic Disclosure to bring it up to date, you’ll need to complete a new application. This will show any new unspent convictions since your last Basic Disclosure. If you’re a Cloud member, you can ask for a new Basic Disclosure for £35, with a discounted service fee. We can offer one extra Basic Disclosure per person every 12 months. If you choose to re-subscribe to the Cloud service after the initial 12 months, just apply for a new Basic Disclosure through our website and the new 12 month subscription to the Cloud service will begin automatically. If the membership is cancelled after 12 calendar months, the option to re-apply free of charge will expire 3 months from the date of cancellation.

Fast Track Disclosures
Often, the most time consuming part of getting a Basic Disclosure is getting together five full years of address details and uploading all your identity and address documents to support your application. If your address has changed since your previous application, just fill in the new details and out system will have retained all your previous addresses from a former application. Cloud members who submit a second application within 12 months are treated as fast track applications, and forms are checked and submitted within 1 working day.

Cloud – the costs
We don’t charge you any extra for using the Cloud, and these services are given as an additional benefit when you apply for your first Basic Disclosure. If you want another Basic Disclosure within 12 months, the fee will be £35. This covers our processing fee of £10 inclusive of VAT and the £25 fee for the Disclosure Scotland/Disclosure and Barring Service certificate.

Getting Registered
It’s really simple to register for our Cloud service. Complete your application online, and we’ll automatically send you a username and password by email. You can use this to log in and start using the Cloud right away. We recommend choosing a new, secure password the first time you log into the Cloud.
Key Points:

  • Our Cloud service was launched in 2017. It’s a new online service which lets applicants access a range of online services at any time of the day or night.
  • If your employer wants a printout of your current Basic Disclosure, or you need it for another reason or new application, you can easily access your information from your Cloud. For peace of mind, any information needed for a new application will be easily accessible online.
  • Our cloud service is available around the clock to all customers, wherever in the world they are located.

About us

Clear Check are a London based agency that specialise in the processing of Basic DBS Checks (CRB Checks),
feel free to speak to a member of our friendly support team for more information on 0333 030 0005.

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