Businesses must carry out the correct background checks when a company or organisation is working with children or vulnerable people. List 99 is a term still commonly used when carrying out checks to safeguard children, but the Education Act of 2002 renamed List 99 to the Children’s Barred List.


What Was a List 99 Check?

A List 99 Check was used for background checks in the education sector and was a confidential register that detailed those barred from working with children. The Department of Education provided this service until the introduction of the Education Act 2002.

The Disclosure and Barring Service can provide details of people held on either the Children’s Barred List or Adults Barred List via an Enhanced DBS Check.


Why Did the List 99 Check Change?

Following the introduction of the UK Human Rights Act in 2000, a requirement was put in place to minimise the risk of harm or neglect towards children. This ensures that those providing care to children can also obtain details, meaning this information is no longer restricted to the education sector.


Can Anyone Check the Children’s Barred List?

Although List 99 was limited to education, the Children’s Barred Lists are accessible to businesses. However, this doesn’t mean anyone can check the Children’s Barred List. As the list can only be checked via an Enhanced DBS Check, only those authorised with a corporate account will be able to make a request.


Are People Made Aware of Being Placed on Barred Lists?

Regardless of the offence committed, a person will be notified when they are placed on either Barred List. Those who feel the placement is unfair need to appeal the decision directly with the Disclosure and Barring Service.

As such, if an Enhanced DBS Check shows a person is placed on either list, then this should be taken as fact.


Can a Business Check Only the Barred List?

Making checks regarding the Barred List can only be done via an Enhanced DBS Check, so it will be carried out as part of a background check instead of only checking the list. However, those working with children will always require a thorough background check.

As such, there can be instances where other checks are carried out to ensure a person is a right fit for a role. For example, those using a vehicle to carry out their duties may also require a driving licence check to ensure no bans are in place.


How Long Does an Enhanced DBS Check Take?

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding background checks is how long a DBS Check takes. Although times can vary, using conventional methods can take as long as eight weeks.

However, those wishing to speed up the background vetting process can outsource DBS Checks to an external agency, which can often provide digital results in as little as one hour.