When hiring people for a new role, there is often a series of checks that need to be undertaken. Those in charge of a vehicle must have good road skills and no driving convictions. Hiring someone without checking their driving license could mean the business is at risk, as well as other road users.

Although asking to see the applicant’s driving licence is often part of the hiring process, there are several other checks to carry out to ensure the person a business is employing is the best fit for the role.

Businesses must also carry out necessary checks are carried out to ensure the correct business insurance is in place. If no checks are carried out, and there is an accident involving a disqualified driver, then the cost could end up being the responsibility of the business.

The following is an overview of some additional checks businesses and organisations can make when hiring drivers to ensure the company is always protected.


Driving Licence Authenticity Check

Because driving convictions are frowned upon when applying for driving jobs, some may try to use fraudulent documentation. In most instances, the information on the license will be incorrect, making background checks problematic.

Fortunately, several advancements have been made regarding documentation authentication, which can be done online quickly. Online document verification ensures that driving licences are genuine, making additional checks straightforward.


Checks for Convictions and Points

Once a business has confirmed the driving licence is genuine, it will need to carry out checks to ensure there are no driving convictions or points on the licence. Businesses can do this via the DVLA or a private agency, but a business must have the person’s permission before making an application.


Other Background Checks to Consider

Although driving licence checks will help ascertain any driving convictions, they will only tell the business some of what they need to know about an applicant. As such, a company should consider whether it is worthwhile carrying out additional background checks.

People providing transport for children and vulnerable adults will require an Enhanced DBS Check, Barred List Check, and a driving licence check. Those working with transporting money may need to undergo a credit check, a DBS Check, and a driving licence check.


Why Should a Business Outsource Driving Licence Checks?

Companies only dealing with one or two job applicants will find carrying out driving licence checks is straightforward. However, as a business expands, so do its responsibilities regarding background checks.

In addition to driving licence checks, there can be a multitude of other requests that need to be made, and it’s not long before the business finds it all overwhelming. Fortunately, there are solutions available.

Using an external agency for driving licence check, DBS disclosures and other background screening allows checks to be completed quickly, and allows business to focus on the onboarding proceeds, streaming their hiring efforts.