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A growing number of UK job seekers are falling victim to scams and criminal activity concerning job adverts. We all like to think we could spot a scam job offer or worker who isn’t in the UK illegally, but it isn’t always that easy. SAFER jobs is a charity, set up by the Metropolitan Police to raise awareness among employers and job seekers about the scams affecting recruitment. SAFER jobs is a not for profit organisation, which is partnered with other public sector bodies such as the National Crime Agency,Trading Standards and Crimestoppers. The SAFER jobs board is headed by executives from the UK’s leading recruitment companies, supported by police and a parliamentary representative.

SAFER jobs provides an information portal giving all job seekers basic information about their rights when working. There’s lots of information about job seeking in general, and more specific pointers about common scams affecting job seekers. The helpful SAFER jobs website also provides links to other accredited industry organisations which can give in-depth advice on all aspects of recruitment and work from payroll to internet recruitment sites. There’s also a form which is primarily aimed at job seekers but which can be used by any party to report activity which could be a scam.

The way we look for new jobs is constantly evolving, and a growing number of criminals and scammers are using social media platforms to run their scams. If you’re being asked to pay for training, or administration fees associated with starting a job than this is an indication that all is not what it might seem. You can report suspicious postings and emails by filling in the web form on the SAFER jobs website so that the police and other organisation scan investigate, and put a stop to it.

SAFER jobs provides extensive guidance on what sort of job postings should be accepted for posting on job boards. SAFER jobs can help with running due diligence checks on clients, advise on data protection and GDPR legislation,and help with legal obligations when it comes to tax or payroll. Recruiters are also encouraged to report any illegal workers who present themselves as applicants for jobs. The SAFER jobs website contains a wealth of information about current scams affecting recruiters, and news stories about the recruitment industry in general.

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