It’s fairly common knowledge that people applying for jobs in schools or care homes will need to undergo police checks to make sure that they are suitable for the job. This checking is done by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in England and Wales, PVG in Scotland, and AccessNI in Northern Ireland. Aside from the standard roles in teaching and healthcare, there are some more unusual roles which require DBS checking too.


Traffic Wardens

Traffic wardens need DBS checks at an enhanced level due to the nature of their work, which might bring them into contact with people under the age of 18, or adults who are classed as vulnerable in some respect. As the checking is at the enhanced level, a disclosure issued to someone applying for a job as a traffic warden will contain details of all convictions. Employers will have to make decisions on whether or not to employ and individual on a case by case basis.


Alcohol Sales

If you’re applying for a job as a pub landlord, part of the process is proving that you are a “fit and proper person” and responsible enough to be in charge of selling alcohol. This also applies to someone running an off-licence, or a large supermarket who is the named person for alcohol sales. DBS checking for these types of role is at a basic level, as the role does not involve the care of children or vulnerable adults. Individual councils around the country might have additional requirements for licensees.


Pest Controllers

People working as pest controllers might have to regularly attend jobs at private homes, nurseries, care homes or hospitals. They also have access to dangerous chemicals, and sometimes firearms. Given the potential for unsuitable people to do damage in this type of role, it’s standard for companies to run a basic disclosure check for anyone they recruit into their operation. People working for pest control companies in their office or in non-customer facing roles won’t need a DBS.



If there’s one occupation which involves ia huge degree of trust, it’s being a locksmith. We trust locksmiths with our house keys and ask them to get us back into our properties when we’ve locked ourselves out. It’s therefore no surprise that anyone applying for membership of the Master Locksmiths Association has to be thoroughly checked. It’s always a good idea to ensure that any locksmith you invite into your home is a member of this trade body and has had the correct checks done.


Chartered Accountants

People who are working as chartered accountants have access to other people’s money and financial affairs. We need to be able to trust that our accountant is honest, reputable and doesn’t have a string of convictions for fraud or theft. Anyone applying to be registered as a Chartered Accountant must therefore have a basic DBS check done. Similar checks might also apply to people working in similar professions such as in banks or as independent financial advisors.