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How to apply for a DBS Check

Complete our clearcheck form and make the payment online. Our friendly team will check the information submitted for your disclosure application and sign off your supporting documents in line with the guidance set out by the Disclosure and Barring service or Disclosure Scotland. We’ll be in touch if we need any more information from you.

Digital DBS Check results available in as little as one hour. Postal DBS Check certificates are also sent via Royal Mail (subject to Royal Mail delivery times). While you’re waiting, our friendly customer service team will be able to help with any queries and may be able to send you a result via email if requested.

Who are we?

Clear Check is an independent agency that has developed a bespoke system which aims to make things easy for you when you’re applying for a Basic DBS check. We check and process applications and provide ongoing support as each check is carried out. We don't currently process Standard or Enhanced Disclosure checks however, we may be able to point you in the right direction if you require either of those DBS checks.

We will:

Verify your documents and help with file size reduction if needed.
If you live in England, Northern Ireland or Wales, we will sign off your supporting documents in order to make the process easier. This will cut out the need for registering with a third party verification service such as experian when applying through the government website. If you live in Scotland, the body issuing disclosures is called Disclosure Scotland. Their website only accept files of less than 1Mb, which can cause huge issues when you’re taking photos on your smartphone, camera or scanner. We will reduce and resize any supplied documents in order for them to be in the acceptable format.

Checking and supporting your application. When you submit your application, our team of advisors will check it over, and get in touch with you if there’s anything which is unclear. We do this to make sure that when the application is passed to Disclosure Scotland or DBS that everything is correct, and in the format which the authorities need.

We check:

Identity documents – anything you submit to prove identity should show your name, date of birth and your photograph. We’ll check that the details on any ID submitted matches the details on the application form. If the details don’t match, we’ll be back in touch with the applicant.
Address proof – The documents submitted to prove address should be addressed to the person who is applying for the DBS, and have the same address as is on the DBS application form. If there is something wrong with the address proof, we will get back in touch with the applicant to get different address proof documents.
5 Year History of Address – Both Disclosure Scotland and DBS ask applicants to give full details of all addresses over the past five years. We can check that applicants have completed this section correctly, in the right order, we will also check addresses are correct using postcode validation. People who have moved around a lot, who have lived overseas for a period or who have been moving between student accommodation and their parents’ address often need help getting this section correct.

Are you living overseas?

If you don’t live in the UK, there is currently no way of applying through the government website for your Basic DBS check. We can help with the verification for overseas applicants and allow them to apply for their DBS checks via our service. Apply in the same way as someone living in the UK would, and have the option of getting your certificate sent digitally, and then receiving a hard copy sent overseas using tracked airmail delivery.
Disclosure Scotland doesn’t allow applications through their website from people who don’t live in the UK. Overseas applicants can still apply to Disclosure Scotland, but will need a paper copy of the form. Download it here: or apply online here.

We can help process applications from people living overseas and cut out delays caused by waiting for paper forms to arrive in the post. We can use our address to have the certificates dispatched, and then send it on to the applicant using tracked airmail. We can also scan the certificate and send a digital version if needed.

Business Applications

Our website has been set up to enable businesses to submit several applications at a time, making just one payment and receiving one invoice rather than multiple separate invoices.
If applying through DBS or Disclosure Scotland, complete applications on our website and once finished, click “add another application” to submit as many applications as you need to before proceeding to payment.

Alert Service

We will send you regular text messages keep you informed about how your application is progressing. We’ll alert you by text message if we have any queries about your application, as well as telling you when your application has been completed.

Services We Offer:

Standard service – this includes checking of application, validating documents, updates by email and submission to the correct government body. £65.

Fast track service – Our premium service offers everything you’d get from the standard service, and more. Fast track applications are prioritised by our staff, and we aim to check, process and submit them within 1 working day wherever possible. There is no fast track service offered by DBS and Disclosure Scotland for DBS Checks, but our fast track service means that your application is our top priority. £75

The application process

After you’ve submitted your Basic DBS or Disclosure application, our team will go through your application with a fine-toothed comb to make sure everything is correct and that no further information is needed.

We’ll then email you with your application reference number, which you can use if you need to speak with the issuing body. Should you require assistance please submit a support ticket via your cloud account.

Certificates are usually received within 1 or 2 weeks. Subject to the Disclosure and Barring Service, Disclosure Scotland & Royal Mail processing times.

StandardFast Track
DBS Fee/ Disclosure Scotland Fee£23£23
Vat @0% on DS Fee£0£0
Clear Check Processing Fee£35£43.33
Vat @20% on Processing Fee£7£8.67
Total Fee Payable

*If you are living overseas we shall send your certificate via tracked airmail at a cost of £15.00 (you will be sent a tracking number via email to trace your application)

Start my DBS check

Form completion time 4 minutes

About us

Clear Check are a London based agency that specialise in the processing of Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks (CRB Checks),
feel free to speak to a member of our friendly support team via our Contact page.

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