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Welcome to Clear Check Corporate Cloud

A new service enabling DBS Check applicants and employers to access
premium features online via the Clear Check Corporate Cloud portal.

Click here to log in

What are the benefits of Corporate Cloud Plus?


A dedicated online portal for
centralised management
of all applications.

The full process from initially entering applicant details through to the completion of each application can be managed from a single account login allowing the application process to be managed centrally for all staff members.


Fast-Track upgrade at 50% of
the normal cost

Applications can be upgraded to fast-track processing for 50% of the usual cost for Corporate Cloud Plus customers. The reduced rate of £7.50 (usually £15.00) per application gives the benefit of applications being handled as a priority and processed within 24 hours *subject to the provision of acceptable verified supporting documents.


Inclusive optional upgrade to
receive SMS application updates

All Corporate Cloud Plus applicants will receive updates by SMS at various stages of the application process and notifications in instances where action may be required.


Receive digital results for all
your applicants.

In addition to the hard-copy DBS certificate being posted to the applicant directly, Corporate cloud Plus customers will benefit from receiving a digital results PDF for every application processed through the Disclosure and Barring Service. The digital results PDF is generated immediately as soon as the checks are completed and will be uploaded and safely stored within the Corporate cloud plus account. These results are typically available 2-3 days before the certificate is received in the post.


Safely upload and securely
store DBS results for
your Employees

Once your basic DBS certificates have been received, a scanned copy can be uploaded to your secure Corporate Cloud Plus account login area. Thereafter, you can rest assured that the DBS check details for all employees will be safely and securely stored online, centrally, for your future reference.


Share DBS certificates via
Secure transfer

To ensure peace of mind when it comes to the transfer of sensitive data, you can share a scanned copy of your basic DBS certificate via secure, encrypted, password-protected file transfer from within your Corporate Cloud Plus login. Recipients will receive an email containing a secure download link and will be required to enter a password to access the DBS certificate scan.


Schedule application reminders and optional auto-renewals

In order to help simplify compliance requirements and to ensure all of your staff have the correct level of check at all times, a reminder date can be set for each applicant. On the specified date, the account admin will receive a reminder to submit a new application for the named applicant.


In cases where requirements are fixed and ongoing, the auto-renewal function can be selected. Auto-renewal applications will be generated automatically 21 days prior to the renewal date avoiding the need to obtain and enter applicant details afresh. Application details will only need to be checked and confirmed and documents verified in the usual way.

What is the cost?

All of the benefits of Corporate Cloud Plus can be taken advantage of for a convenient £20 monthly membership with no minimum contract.

Key facts

  • Corporate Cloud Plus is a bespoke online application-management portal giving business users access to a range of features in a secure online environment, available 24/7.
  • Every step of the application process for single or multiple applicants can be handled from a single, centralised login.
  • Payments and invoicing are conveniently centralised within the Corporate Cloud Plus Account login area for ease of reference and access. Invoices can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Corporate Cloud Plus is now available 24/7 and used by Business and Corporate customers throughout the world.