Over the years, the process for being checked out as a suitable person to work with children od vulnerable adults has changed considerably. Many of the changes recognise the fact that checking was not dynamic; the check was done at one given point in time and any information which came to light after that point would not be disclosed until the person concerned came to renew their DBS check or moved to another job elsewhere. The DBS Update service sets out to address some of these issues with DBS checks in an attempt to streamline the procedure.

What DBS Update Allows

The DBS Update Service allows users greater control over how their DBS checks are carried out and who has access to them. It is not compulsory to pay the extra annual subscription to be part of the DBS Update scheme, but people who choose to be members can:

  • Use the same DBS check when taking a new job, unless the new job requires a different level of checking
  • Allow employers to make instant online checks, allowing workers to start new jobs more quickly.
  • Save time and money as they do not have to apply several times over to DBS, incurring delays and costs each time
  • Check online to see who has accessed their files to look at DBS check information
  • Check that details held online about them are accurate and correct.

Joining DBS Update

There are a couple of ways of joining the DBS Update scheme. The first and easiest is to tick the relevant box when submitting your initial application for a DBS check. The annual fee for being part of the DBS Update Scheme is £13, and users have the option of choosing an automatic renewal where the relevant sum will be taken from their credit card, or a manual renewal which has to be actioned within 30 days of it running out. If you forget to tick the box to join the DBS when you first apply, you can join the scheme online within 19 days of the certificate being issued by inputting your certificate number onto the website and paying the relevant fee. If your DBS certificate is older, you must wait until it is renewed or you apply for a new job to enrol in the DBS Update system.

Employers and DBS Update

There are many benefits for employers who are recruiting people registered with the DBS Update service. As long as they have permission, they can log in and instantly check the status and convictions that their prospective worker has on their DBS file. This means people can start work straight away and don’t have to wait weeks for DBS certificates to be issued. Employers don’t have to register with the DBS Update service or pay any fees to access the information held, they just log in with the information supplied to them by their employees. Employers need permission from their employees to access their records, and should remember that employees can themselves log in and see who has been looking at the information held about them.