In January 2018 Disclosure Scotland will no longer process Basic Disclosure applications for residents in England and Wales, instead a new online service will be available through Disclosure and Barring service.
Currently UK applicants can make an online application at my The application process allows the applicant to track the application after 48 hours with an 18-digit reference number and download, email, fax or post required documentation. There is a restriction of 1MB per downloaded document, anything exceeding this cannot be downloaded via the website and must be submitted via an alternative method.
As part of the governments scheme to become more streamlined and web orientated, the new online service will allow applicants to make, amend and track an application. Applicants will be required to download documentation in support of their application via the governments verify link, with fewer restrictions on size.
The aim of allowing applicants to amend the application electronically is to reduce delays in processing applications due to omissions or mistakes. The current estimated timescale for receiving the documentation for an online submission is 14 days, however this is based on a complete and correct application. The time frame is likely to increase significantly with queries having to be made.
Applicants requiring a Basic Disclosure for new employment will be in a position to give a more accurate time frame for when the documentation will be available, allowing employers to implement necessary procedures in the meantime. The employee could provide evidence as to the stage of the check and confirm an accurate start date.
Although Basic Disclosures do not expire, many individuals are required by their organisation to provide a new disclosure annually. The new process should provide those requiring this service with a more accurate time frame and allow adequate time for the check to be completed.
Hopefully, the new, more streamlined process, will provide applicants with the service it has promised and negate the lengthy delays caused by necessary enquiries. With the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) already responsible for the production of more detailed checks, it would seem logical that given updated systems, manpower and support, processing a Basic Disclosure would be a comparatively simple addition to the organisation.