Unlike a Basic Disclosure you cannot apply as an individual for an enhanced DBS check for yourself. This check must be carried out via a registered agency. Those who are applying to work in a care home for example, would have their DBS checks carried out by an agency the care home is registered to. An individual would provide their potential employers with personal identification, proof of address and address history of 5 years.
However, this is not always an option for those who are self -employed and wishing to work with children and vulnerable adults.
Childminder DBS check applications are made through Ofsted. The link to this is available on the government website under the subsection, If you are self-employed. The individual is required to verify which of the roles they are making the application for, there is guidance available for this, and would need an organisation reference and organisation code, both of which would have been previously provided by ofsted.
Ofsted will then act as the agent making the application for the enhanced check. The individual is responsible for payment of the criminal check, although the individual will then receive the Enhanced check for them to hold and produce when required by parents and relevant authorities.