Those working in the educational sector will be familiar with List 99 Checks. However, if it has been some time since a company carried out a List 99 Check, they may not be aware of the changes that have taken place in recent years.

The following is an overview of a List 99 Check and some changes that must be considered when carrying out background screening today.


What Is a List 99 Check?

List 99 was a confidential register used by the Department of Education for teachers. It contained details of individuals barred from working with children but was limited regarding who could make a request.

The Disclose and Barring Service is now responsible for the list, and while the modern iteration has some similarities, there are also some differences to consider.


What Is a List 99 Check Known as Today?

The modern-day equivalent of a List 99 Check is known as the Barred List. The DBS manages two lists. One for children and another for adults.

The Barred List can be used by all businesses and orgnaisations as opposed to those exclusively in the education sector, offering more protection for businesses. In addition to a new name, how a Barred List Check is requested has also changed.


How to Complete a Barred List Check

To carry out a Barred List Check, businesses and organisations must request an Enhanced DBS Disclosure. In addition to showing details of criminal records and police warnings, the disclosure will also include a Barred List Check.

An Enhanced DBS Check can include checks of both the Children and Adult Barred List but cannot be requested as a separate document.


How Long Does a Barred List Check Take?

It can take approximately 14 days to complete a DBS Check, but there have been instances where it has taken as long as eight weeks. Fortunately, other methods are available to enable businesses to access DBS Checks quickly.


Can a Person Check the Barred List Themselves?

Although individuals can request their own Basic DBS Check, this isn’t the case for Standard and Enhanced Disclosures. As such, an organisation or business can only carry a Barred List Check.


Why Choose a Professional Agency for Barred List Checks?

When carrying out background screening, there can be several checks needed. Professionals can find that background screening becomes time-consuming and can affect other areas of the business. Companies are keen to find a solution that allows them to carry out efficient screening at an affordable price.

Using a professional agency for Barred List Checks ensures that DBS Disclosures can be completed quickly, and companies can access the results via cloud storage the same day.

Furthermore, a physical request will arrive in the post soon after, streamlining the hiring process and allowing a business to manage its background screening schedule better. DBS Checks and checking the Barred List can be essential for many roles and enlisting the services of a professional company ensures checks are completed correctly the first time.