Given how much technology has advanced, it stands to reason that one of the most frequently asked questions is whether background checks can be carried out online. There are many ways of carrying out background checks online, but some can only be accessed by companies and organisations.

The following is an overview of how the Internet is used when carrying out background checks and the benefits it can offer.


What Type of Background Checks Can Be Made Online?

Several types of background checks can be carried out online, including a credit check, identity check and driving licence check. However, some rules must be followed to ensure any form of background check is requested correctly.

Permission should always be sought before making any application. If a person refuses a background check for a sensitive role, then there is no commitment to offer the person a role.

Companies are advised to have strict policies and procedures in place that all employees are aware of to ensure people are safeguarded.


What Type of Background Check Is Best?

There is no background check that will suit all purposes, as it always depends on the circumstances. Those applying for a role working with children or vulnerable people will require an Enhanced DBS Check, which also checks the Barred Lists.

Similarly, those relocating or working in another country may require an ACRO Check, which confirms the reputation of a person entering another country from the United Kingdom.


Will More Than One Background Check Be Needed?

As with background checks, the number of enquiries can depend on the circumstances. If a person is working with vulnerable people and driving a vehicle as part of the role, then they will need a Driving Licence Check and Enhanced DBS Check.


How Long Do Background Checks Take?

The time it takes to complete a background check can depend on the circumstances. However, businesses and organisations wanting to streamline their background-checking process can employ the services of an external agency.

In addition to streamlining the application process, a business can be confident it is carrying out the correct checks in every instance.


Can a Person Carry Out Their Own Background Check Online?

Depending on the circumstances, those wishing to find out the information about them can request a Basic DBS Check or ACRO Subject Access Request.

However, companies requiring a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check must make the request themselves via a corporate account.


What If a Person Disputes the Information on an Online Background Check?

Although agencies can forward digital results, the information will be the same as the physical copy. As such, any disputes need to be directed to the courts of the police force, depending on the dispute.

Regardless of whether an organisation applies for a background check directly or uses an external agency, the information will be the same. The difference will be in the processing time and additional features for businesses, such as secure cloud storage of completed certificates.