Volunteers are considered the backbone of the proceedings when raising money for charitable organisations. Without volunteers, charities would have to pay for workers, often making any fundraising pointless.

Given the importance of volunteers and charity workers, asking them to carry out background checks may seem impolite or ungrateful, but every organisation has a duty to protect its customers and volunteers, and this can only be done via background checks.


What Type of Background Screening is Required for Volunteers?

The type of background screening needed for volunteers and charity workers can depend on the type of role and the environment. For example, volunteers working in a charity shop will often require a Basic DBS Check, whereas those working with children or vulnerable adults will require an Enhanced DBS Check.

Because there can be several roles volunteers can undertake, the type of background screening needed for each person can vary.


Can Volunteers Request Their Own Background Check?

If an individual only requires a Basic DBS Check, then they can request this themselves if they wish. However, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks can only be requested by organisations and businesses.


How Long Do Background Checks Take?

When requesting a DBS Check, charities can expect a completed disclosure in 14 days, although there are instances when the process takes longer. One of the main reasons why DBS Checks are delayed is due to incorrect information being submitted, so taking time to double-check the details is always recommended.

If multiple DBS Checks need to be completed, then a charity or organisation may find that outsourcing the tasks to a professional agency yields better results.


Are DBS Certificates Transferable?

If a person is volunteering for several charities, they may be able to use the same DBS Disclosure, but it can depend on the variation of the role, and the amount of time passed since a DBS Check was completed.

DBS Checks are only accurate at the time they’re produced, so some charities may require individuals to update their certificate regularly. So, although DBS Certificates can be transferred, there are factors to consider beforehand.


The Benefits of Using a DBS Check Agency

Charities and organisations carrying out DBS Checks for the first time may assume there are few options available when wanting to speed up the process, but this isn’t the case. Using a professional agency ensures that all DBS Checks are carried out correctly and allows charities to view results the same day via cloud storage.

Using an external agency for DBS Checks ensures charities can benefit from people willing to invest their time to good causes without dissuading them with long waiting times for DBS Disclosures.