DBS checks are required for many different jobs. Some of these positions include care workers, childminders, and nurses. They can vary but often require an Enhanced DBS Check.

These checks are more detailed than Standard DBS Checks and contain information about cautions, legal reprimands, final warnings, arrests and convictions.

Several minor offences will not be disclosed. These offences include those that were committed when the individual was under the age of 18.

Previously, the information would be disclosed on a DBS certificate if you were convicted of more than one offence. This is now no longer the case. In these cases, the convictions will be reviewed individually.

Filtering is a process that allows applicants to apply for a job without revealing any convictions that are no longer relevant to the position. This means old cautions or convictions received when the applicant was under 18 will not appear on the DBS certificate, also known as ‘filtering’.


What Offences Will Always Show on a DBS Check?

Some offences are still not eligible for filtering, such as drug offences. The process is designed to protect people who are considered vulnerable, such as children and young people. Many serious crimes will always appear on a DBS Check, including the following:

  • Sexual Offence
  • Murder
  • Kidnap
  • Terrorism
  • Ill Treatment of Others

There are many others, but if a crime is serious, it is unlikely it will be omitted from DBS Checks.


Should a Business Be Concerned About Filtered Results

When businesses learn that some offences can be filtered, they can be understandably concerned that they will be unaware of serious crimes. However, this is never the case. Although some crimes are omitted, this is never the case regarding the above mentioned crimes and other serious offences.

DBS Checks remain the most reliable way of ascertaining the criminal background of an individual, although an Enhanced DBS Check is needed to obtain all details.


The Fastest Way of Completing a DBS Check?

Given how important a DBS Check can be, businesses and organisation will be searching for solution that ensure certificates are completed as soon as possible. The fastest way of obtaining results regarding DBS Checks is to use a professional background screening company.

Using a professional ensures that DBS Checks are completed quickly, and businesses can obtain same-day results to streamline their hiring process. In addition to online results, companies can also be confident of faster processing times for physical paperwork which is posted as soon as possible.

Although there have been some changes to the way criminal history is reviewed, obtaining a certificate is easier than it has ever been, and private agencies can complete multiple DBS Checks on request.