Carrying out background checks can be an essential part of hiring a professional. However, self-employed people are often restricted regarding higher levels of DBS Checks.

Although self-employed people can carry out a Basic DBS Check, only companies and organisations can request a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check. Sometimes, this can lead to a lot of confusion regarding the best steps to take when requesting a background check.


Some Roles May Only Require a Basic DBS

The type of background check needed can depend on the role undertaken. For example, those working in isolated environments may not need a thorough background check.

As such, self-employed people should familiarise themselves with the different checks used in their industry. For example, those who work as an accountant will often require a Standard DBS Check, whereas those working with children would need an Enhanced DBS Check, which also checks the Barring Lists.


How to Carry Out Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks

Self-employed individuals who find they need a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check will need to ask the company or organisation they are working for to carry out the search on your behalf. If this isn’t possible, then a dedicated agency in your industry may be able to carry out the rest on your behalf, acting as an umbrella company.


Do Self-Employed People Have to Wait Longer for DBS Checks to Be Completed

In most instances, completing a DBS Check can take eight weeks. However, if the correct information is not obtained, then it could take longer. Understandably, this could be too long for some, but other options are available.

Regardless of whether a company carries out a self-employed DBS Check on your behalf or by an agency, they will often use an external DBS Check company.


How Often is a DBS Check Needed?

How often a DBS Check is needed can depend on the person and the role. A DBS Check is only accurate when it is carried out, so there can be instances when additional checks will need to be carried out in the future.

In some instances, people may be able to opt for the DBS Update service, but if self-employed people only work at a site for a short duration, then this will not be feasible. However, agencies and clients using an external agency can carry out additional checks quickly and enjoy several other benefits.


What Are the Benefits of an External DBS Check for Self-Employed People?

Given the sensitive nature of DBS Checks, those operating their own business may be concerned about privacy. However, any external agency used has to be authorised by the Disclosure and Barring Service. As such, those awaiting DBS Checks can be confident that all checks are made in alignment with data protection policies.

Furthermore, those who use an external agency for self-employed background checks will also find that the process is faster, allowing projects to start sooner rather than later.