When running a business, several aspects need to be taken care of. In addition to payroll and marketing, it is also essential a company carries out background checks to ensure the people they are hiring are of good repute.

There can be several ways of checking identities and other information depending on the type of role a business is hiring for.


What Is Needed for an Identity Check?

Although there are several forms of background checks, most will require the same information when making a request. In addition to photographic identification like a passport or driving licence, those applying for a role will also need to prove their address via a bank statement or utility bill.

Companies concerned about receiving fraudulent documents can carry out online checks using online verification to ensure identification is genuine. However, businesses and organisations can conduct other checks regarding a person’s identity.


When Is a Credit Check Carried Out?

Despite its name, a credit check can also be used to verify a person’s details. A soft credit check verifies a person’s name and address and is not recorded on a credit file. A hard credit search is carried out when a business needs to check the financial history of a job applicant.

In addition to a credit check, it may also be necessary to carry out a DBS Check, which examines the criminal background of job applicants.


What Is a DBS Check?

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) issues a certificate showing any convictions associated with a person. There are three levels of DBS Check available, and the best fit can depend on the role.

A Basic DBS can be carried out by the individual or the organisation and can be used for many roles. However, those responsible for money or working with children and vulnerable adults may need a higher level of DBS Check.

A Standard DBS Check will detail spent and unspent convictions and any unfiltered reprimands and warnings held on the Police National Computer. This type of DBS Check is often carried out for those in a position of importance or dealing with finance, such as accountants and bankers.

An Enhanced List will be needed for those working with children and vulnerable adults, as it details all the prior details and checks the Children’s and Adults Barred List. This ensures that those applying for a role are permitted to work with children and adults.


Can an Identity Check Be Done Online?

One of the most overwhelming aspects of identity checking can be the potential paperwork involved, but modern identity checks are easier to manage, especially when using an external agency.

In addition to a faster background check, a professional third party also ensures that you can obtain digital results in as little as an hour and view all completed digital certificates in the cloud.

Many agencies will also forward a hard copy of the background check, ensuring that all identity checking is up to date.