Although it is essential driving licence checks are carried out when employing new drivers, businesses must follow some rules to ensure checks are carried out legally and professionally. If your business or organisation is currently considering using vehicles and wants to carry out driving licence checks, the company must be aware of the rule when requesting a check.


Checking Driving Licences is a Legal Requirement

Many businesses know that checking a driving license is genuine is essential. However, a company has a legal obligation to ensure that all drivers can handle a vehicle. For example, in addition to checking the current status of a driving license, future checks will also need to be made to ensure vehicles are being operated safely.


Businesses Should Carry Driving Licence Checks Out At least Once a Year

Although there is no legal requirement regarding time limits for driving licence checks, businesses need to show they are taking measures to ensure drivers’ details are kept up to date.

Although it is advisable to carry out driving licence checks for employees once a year, there can be instances when this is more frequent. How often checks are made can depend on the nature of the business, but those who want to maintain accurate records may need to create a schedule.


Driving Licence Checks Are Carried Out Online

To ensure a company can easily monitor driving license checks, all checks are carried out online. Although requesting several driving license checks online can be time-consuming, using an external professional agency will streamline the process, manageable and affordable.


Businesses Need a Drivers Permission to Carry Out Driving License Checks

Since a business must be proactive when carrying out driving license checks, some may be tempted to carry out one using the details already on file. However, like other checks, companies must obtain permission before carrying out a driving licence check. Failure to do so means the businesses breaching data protection and could be liable for prosecution.

Even in instances when permission has been given, a business must ensure consent is recorded in case any disputes arise in the future. In short, a driving licence check must conform to the same data protection rules as the business’s other sensitive information.


Driving Licence Checks Must Be Carried Out by a Reputable Agency

Some agencies can provide several background checks, but it is essential to ensure they are reliable and reputable. However, businesses and organisations can be confident of prompt and professional background checks that can be carried out at a cost-effective price when using an experienced driving license check agency.


Companies May Need Other Checks in Addition to a Driving License Check

Although a driving license check may be enough for some roles, there could be instances where several background checks are needed. For example, if a person is providing transport for the local community, drivers may need an Enhanced DBS Check in addition to a driving licence check.

Similarly, those selling financial products to other businesses and using a vehicle may also need a credit check. This is why many businesses outsource their background checks to an external company.

There can be unique factors to consider when carrying out a driving licence check but being familiar with the rules ensure driving licence checks are carried out correctly in every instance.