DBS Checks are essential for businesses wanting to make safer hiring decisions and safeguard their customers, but it is crucial that DBS Checks are carried out correctly for them to be effective.

Despite the advancements made regarding DBS Checks, giving the correct details could ensure checks are timely. Although companies cannot always avoid delays, companies can take some steps to ensure DBS Checks are carried out efficiently.


What Type of DBS Check Is Needed?

There are three DBS checks that can be carried out, which are as follows.

  • Basic DBS Check
  • Standard DBS Check
  • Enhanced DBS Check

Individuals can request their own Basic DBS. However, if companies or organisations require a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check, they will need to order the check. Businesses must register a corporate account when using a DBS Check provider to complete the request.


What Details are Needed for a DBS Check?

Regardless of the type of DBS check being carried out, the following details are needed when making a request.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Photographic ID (Passport or Driving Licence)
  • Proof of Address (Bank Statement or Utility Bill)

When no bank statement or utility bill is available, a driving licence can be used if it has not been used as a form of photographic identification.


Double Check Previous Names

As well as recording the current name a person is known by, it is also essential to record any previously used names. Only capturing the current name could mean the DBS Check is delayed.


Ensure Address History of At Least Five Years is Requested

Although some people may have resided at the same address for several years, others may move frequently. As such, requesting the last five years’ address history is essential to ensure companies and organisations can carry out an accurate DBS check.


Ensure Spellings Are Correct

Although there can be instances when incorrect details are given, there can be times when mishearing or misspelling details cause delays. Because of this, it is advisable to double-check all the details beforehand. Although this can make the process seem long, it is much faster than submitting a DBS Check with incorrect information.


Use a DBS Check Provider That Can Deliver Digital Results

Conventional DBS checks can take as long as 14 days to be processed, but other solutions are available that help speed up the process without compromising on the quality of background checks.

Using a DBS Check provider that can provide a digital certificate means businesses can carry checks out swiftly. Even when incorrect details are given, this can be easily managed and rectified compared to conventional paper certificates.

Carrying out background checks is an essential part of the hiring process, especially when interviewing for roles that involve people working with vulnerable adults and children. However, knowing there are more efficient methods of completing CRB checks ensures vulnerable people are protected, and organisations can streamline their hiring process.