Caring for children, the elderly, and vulnerable people can be rewarding, but organisations must carry out the correct background checks to ensure a person is the right fit for a role. Although the majority of people caring for people do so professionally, some will attempt to secure a position for nefarious reasons, which is why background checks are so necessary.

Fortunately, carrying out the proper background check for carers ensures that businesses always find the right fit for a role.


Are The Same Checks Carried Out for All Carers?

Whether people care for people in the hospital or a private nursing home, applicants will need the highest level of background checks. Organisations will do this via an Enhanced DBS Check, which is carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service.


What Does an Enhanced DBS Check Show?

An Enhanced DBS Check will show details of any convictions and offences committed by a person, as well as any relevant police notes. Carers are also checked against the Barred Lists to ensure that a person is permitted to work with children and vulnerable adults.


Do Carers Need to Carry Out Other Background Checks?

Although most caring roles only require an Enhanced DBS Check, there will be instances when other background checks are needed. Those who are caring for people in their homes may need to use a company vehicle. In this regard, applicants will need a driving licence check to ensure no motoring offences or bans are in place.

Carrying out driving licence checks also informs employers whether any points are preset on the licence.


Can Carers Carry Out Their Own Background Check?

The only type of background checks an individual can carry out themselves. An Enhanced DBS Check can only be requested by a business with a corporate account, meaning carers cannot carry out their own background checks.


What Information is Needed for an Enhanced DBS Check?

The fastest way of carrying out an Enhanced DBS Check for carers is to ensure that all the correct information is obtained as soon as possible. Applicants for a care position must supply the following for a check to be carried out.

To prove a person’s identity, businesses need a valid passport or driving license. Applicants will also need to provide proof of address by supplying a utility bill, bank statement, Self-Assessment demand or driving license if it wasn’t used for photographic ID.


How Long Do Enhanced DBS Checks Take?

The time it takes for an Enhanced DBS Check to be carried out can depend on the Disclose and Barring Service’s backlog and whether the information given is correct. However, using a Government approved agency can ensure you streamline background checking and potentially receive digital results in as little as an hour.

In addition to an efficient service, businesses can also enjoy a price reduction when processing high volumes of DBS Checks, ensuring the company conforms to regulations and safeguards customers, clients and other employees.