DBS Checks are essential when safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, but there can be situations when it is difficult to know whether a DBS Check can be carried out. This is especially true regarding nannies.


What Is a DBS Check?

A DBS Check is a background check carried out but the Disclose and Barring Service. There are three DBS Check levels: Basic, Standard and Enhanced. Those working with children will require an Enhanced DBS Check.


Who Can Carry Out an Enhanced DBS Check?

Although individuals can carry out a Basic DBS Check, this will not be enough when requesting a background check on somebody caring for children. Unfortunately, only a business or organisation can request an Enhanced DBS Check, confusing some parents.

Fortunately, options are available that ensure the proper checks are carried out and give parents the peace of mind that those caring for their children are of good repute.


Use a Dedicated Nanny Employer

The best way to find a nanny and ensure an Enhanced DBS Check is carried out is by a dedicated nanny employer. Due to data protection, parents cannot view the completed certificate but can be confident that checks have been carried out.

A business that supplies childcare must carry out a series of checks to confirm a person’s identity and criminal background. An Enhanced DBS Check will also show whether the person is recorded on the Children’s Barred List.


Ensure the Nanny is Ofsted Registered

The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills requires an Enhanced DBS Check every three months to be Ofsted Registered.

There can also be instanced when Ofsted quill carry out a DBS Check on the nanny’s behalf, but this depends on the circumstances.

Regardless of whether you know the person proving nanny services, it is essential the same process is followed.


How Often Are DBS Checks Carried Out for Nannies In The UK?

The frequency of Enhanced DBS Checks can depend on the agency but will often carried out in aligned with Ofsted regulations. However, there can be instances where they are carried out monthly.

The importance of Enhanced DBS Checks means parents must be sure of how a check will be carried out before agreeing to employ the person as a nanny.


How Long Do Enhanced DBS Checks Take for Nannies?

As long as the right information is gathered, an Enhanced DBS Check should be completed within eight weeks. However, this could be too long for some, but there are other agencies that can provide a faster service.

When employing the services of an external agency, it is essential they are recogised and authorisied by the Disclosure and Barring Service to act on their behalf.

As such, many will find that these external agencies are used by agencies to streamline the background checking processes, meaning that Enhanced DBS Checks can be completed quickly.

Although knowing how to carry out DBS Checks for nannies can seem complicated, there are options in place. However, the DBS Check needs to be done as soon as possible.