The Internet has allowed businesses and organisations to streamline most of their workflow, and DBS Checks are no exception. As with other aspects of a company, background checks can be carried out digitally, allowing a business to streamline its hiring process.

However, there can be some people who are fearful of requesting a DBS Check online. Although understandable, using the right company ensure that all data protection is safeguarded while ensuring an offer of employment can be made in the right circumstances.


How Is a DBS Check Carried Out Online

Carrying out a DBS Check online follows the same method as a paper application, only in digital form. The same information will be needed from the applicant, which is as follows.

  • Name and Address
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance Number

In addition to the above, businesses will also need to request identification, including the following.

  • Passport or Driving Licence
  • Utility Bill or Bank Statement
  • Registered Medical Card

It is essential to ensure all the information received is correct. Otherwise, this could delay the background-checking process.

Businesses and organisations must also ensure that only original documentation is accepted. DBS Checks cannot be carried out with photocopies as it increases the likelihood of fraudulent applications.


How Long Does an Online DBS Check Take?

There are several factors to consider when assessing how long a DBS Check takes. For example, those using the conventional online application could wait up to eight weeks for a completed certificate.

Of course, this can be a worrying prospect for some employers, but other options are available. External agencies can carry out digital DBS Checks and provide employers with results in as little as one hour.

Of course, some circumstances make the process longer, but when compared to conventional application methods, using an outside agency can often be an affordable and efficient option.


Can I Request My Own DBS Check Online?

Whether a person can carry out their own DBS Check online depends on the type of check being carried out. Those who only require a Basic DBS Check can request these themselves.

However, jobs that require a Standard or Enhance DBS Check must be carried out by the company or organisation hiring you. Those working for a business on a self-employed basis will need to request the agency or employer to carry out the DBS Check on their behalf.


Which DBS Check Is Best for Me?

Given the many options available regarding background checks, some may be unsure as to which DBS Check is the best fit for their business. Those who are unsure of which background check to carry out should ascertain the risk level of a role.

This with a position of responsibility or working with vulnerable people will often need higher levels of DBS Checks that those carrying out day-to-day roles. However, there is a lot of information available on the official Government website and businesses can also contact external agencies direct to discuss their options in more detail.