When searching for new employees, several checks must be carried out, including background checks and references. However, those employing drivers must carry out additional checks to ensure they are operating a legal fleet.

When carrying out driving license checks, seeing a photocard is required. Fortunately, many providers can carry out professional driving license checks easily and ensure there is never any risk when employees drive commercial vehicles.


What Does a Driving License Check Cover?

When allowing employees to drive company vehicles, businesses must carry out a series of checks to ensure they are capable and legally allowed to operate a vehicle. In addition to ensuring a driving license is genuine, checks will also cover any driving offences or bans associated with the driver.

A driving license check will also advise whether a driver has points on their license and, if so, how many points are present.


Why Driving License Checks are Important

Very few businesses need advice about the importance of driving license checks, but there can be several reasons why driving license checks are necessary. This is why a seasoned professional must be used when carrying out driving license checks.

The following is an overview of why driving licence checks are essential for businesses hiring new drivers.


Peace of Mind for Businesses

Although businesses can ask individuals to disclose any problems with their driving licence, this is not always the case. Given how convenient driving licence checks are, there is no reason to take a chance when hiring new employees and ensure a business has complete peace of mind that both employees and other road users are safe.


Potentially Lower Insurance Premiums

Of course, many factors can affect how much a business pays for insurance. Those who make efforts to ensure all drivers are permitted to drive can expect to pay lower insurance premiums as a result.

Although the savings can vary, it is an additional benefit for a process that needs to be carried out regardless.


Avoid Fines and Prosecution

Whether a business is fined or prosecuted following an accident can depend on the circumstances, but companies failing to carry out the necessary checks regarding driving licenses will often be charged under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

One of the most proactive ways of ensuring drivers are suitable for a role is to ensure that strict guidelines are in place when carrying out driving licence checks. This is why many businesses, organisations, charities, and other entities outsource their background checks.

In addition to a faster turnaround, using an external company for driving licence checks also ensures you conform to the regulations in place, so there are no legal ramifications if a check is disputed.


What If a Person Disputes the Information on a Driving Licence Check?

The information on a driving licence check will be a list of driving offences and any points. The agency handling the request cannot deal with any disputes, as they must be handled via the court.

If job applicants state the information is incorrect, they need to seek legal advice to update it.

Although carrying out multiple driving licence checks can be overwhelming for some businesses, outsourcing the task to a professional legacy ensures a company can focus on growth while being confident the necessary checks are being carried out regarding new drivers.