There can be several reasons businesses must verify a person’s identity. For some companies, checks must be done before a person can use a product or service. In other instances, background checks will be needed to ensure the person is the right fit for a job role.

Whatever the reason for verification, some steps must be taken when verifying an individual’s identity. Every business will have its own procedure, but it is essential that the following key factors are considered when varying a person’s identity.


Ensure Documentation is Authentic

False documentation is used more often than many think, so ensuring any identification given is legitimate is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, this can be done quickly, thanks to online document verification.

Simply upload the documents that require authentication, and the results will be delivered the same day. Once a business has confirmed a person’s identity, it will then ascertain whether any background checks are needed.


What Background Checks Should Be Used?

The type of background checks carried out can depend on the nature of the role, but a business or organisation must ensure that permission is granted by the individual before moving forward.

Companies wanting to verify a person’s criminal convictions will require a DBS Check. Three types of DBS Checks can be requested, which are as follows.

  • Basic DBS Check
  • Standard DBS Check
  • Enhanced DBS Check and Barred List Check

The type of checks carried out can depend on the role. For general roles, many will use a Basic DBS Check. However, an Enhanced DBS Check will be needed if the person is working in a position of responsibility or with vulnerable people.

DBS Checks aren’t the only type of background screening used. Further verification is carried out with a credit check, which can also tell employers where a person is financially responsible.


How Often Should Background Screening Be Done?

Although many businesses will take advantage of background screening before employing someone, some companies and organisations may need to run future checks.

As before, the checks made can depend on the role, so this must be considered before a job offer is made, as businesses will need permission from the person to carry out further checks.


Should Businesses Use an External Agency for Background Screening?

Businesses can carry out background screening themselves for the most part, but this doesn’t mean it is the most cost-effective solution. Furthermore, the waiting time for some background screening can make finding new employees difficult. Fortunately, all this can be avoided by enlisting the services of a professional agency.

When using a professional background screening company, a business can benefit from instant online results regarding background check, and also enjoy faster processing times regarding physical certificates.