When a business interviews a person for a role, it must carry out several checks before a job offer can be made. One of the most common background screening methods is a DBS Check. Although easy to request, many businesses can find that they’re waiting long periods for a check to be completed.

Fortunately, companies can take advantage of other avenues to ensure their background screening is the best it can be and provide businesses with digital DBS Checks.


How Long Do Conventional DBS Checks Take to Complete?

DBS Checks requested via conventional means take approximately 14 days to complete, but there are instances when it can take longer. Although this may be fine for a company filling one position, those searching for applicants for several roles could find it hinders the hiring process.

Companies that required Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks could find they’re waiting as long as eight weeks in some instances. Another factor affecting the time it takes to complete a check is an error contained within the information given.

The waiting time for DBS Checks can be one of the main reasons, so many businesses employ the services of a professional company.


How Soon Can a Professional DBS Check Company Deliver Results?

One of the reasons DBS Check results can take a long time is that businesses are awaiting paper-based results. Using a professional company allows paper-based DBS Checks to be issued faster and gives businesses same-day results using secure cloud storage.

Although the fast processing time of certificates is often enough reason for a business to consider a professional for background screening, there are several other benefits when using cloud storage for DBS Checks.


The Benefits of Secure Cloud Storage

In addition to instant results, businesses can use cloud storage for better management of background screening. Companies hiring multiple candidates will want to ensure they can make a job offer as soon as possible.

Cloud storage also allows businesses to view completed DBS Checks in a secure cloud server from several devices. Whether using an iPhone or a laptop, gaining access to disclosures is never an issue when taking advantage of cloud storage.

Businesses can be confident that double-checking details or finding certificates upon request is never an issue. The time it saves means cloud storage is a cost-effective solution for companies carrying out multiple DBS Checks.

Cloud storage plays a large part when streamlining a business’s processes. Whether sharing documents online or creating a co-working space, some form of cloud storage will often be involved.

If you want to align your background screening with the rest of the business, consider outsourcing DBS Checks to a professional and start benefiting from the cloud today.