Many businesses and organisations will know the importance of background screening, but some may need clarification on how often it should be done. Regardless of the type of background checks made, they are only accurate when requested, meaning a renewed background check may be required in the future.

How often background screening is needed can depend on the business and the type of role being performed. However, companies can use the following guidelines to ensure that background checks are always up to date.


How Long Is the Role For?

Suppose a person has been with a business for several years. In that case, there could be a requirement to run an annual background check for a position of responsibility or work with vulnerable people. However, those only hiring for a short-term role that doesn’t involve close contact with others will often be fine with a pre-employment check.


Will The Business Be Hiring People for Multiple Roles?

Although businesses may hire several people at once, this doesn’t mean they will all be performing the same roles, which means they won’t necessarily be subjected to the same background screening.

Rather than applying the same background screening to each applicant, a risk assessment of each role should be carried out, with each having its own background screening procedure. This may seem like more work initially, but moving forward, it allows a business to be proactive and protected regarding background checks.


What Is the Responsibility of a Business Regarding Background Checks?

Businesses must ascertain the levels of risk present in the company and determine what type of background checks are needed. Some roles may only request a credit check, while others require a DBS Check and Driving Licence Check.

There is no set guidance on what type of background screening should be done, but a business must make every effort to ensure that customers and employees are protected. Those working with other agencies should also consider the organisation’s protocols to ensure regulations are met.

For example, there can be several background checks teachers need to complete before an educational institution can meet OFSTED requirements.


Streamline Background Checks Using a Professional Agency

Whether a business is carrying out a couple of background checks or needs to request them daily, it is essential to have some process in place. Although a company can make requests regarding DBS Checks and credit scores, it can soon become overwhelming and time-consuming, which is why many people outsource the tasks to a professional agency.

Using a professional agency ensures that all background checks are completed promptly and allows you to view results instantly in the cloud. Furthermore, in instances when a physician document is required, the agency will also forward this by post.

A professional agency can provide a business with more clarity regarding how often background screening should be carried out, ensuring the customers and employers of the company are protected, and can also avoid any problems regarding fraud or money laundering.